I 15989 D - Blisterpacker UHLMANN B 1240

I 15989 D - Blisterpacker UHLMANN B 1240


This intermittent and GMP-compliant blister packer has an output of 70 cycles and 350 blisters/min. designed for the production and filling of blister strips with tablets, coated tablets, etc.

The machine can process PVC/Alu or Alu/Alu blisters.


  •  Min. mould width: 168 mm
  •  Max. mould depth: 24 mm
  •  Max. format area: 130 x 156.5 mm

Technical equipment:

  •  Simtab 2.1, Uhlmann Brush Box, Hand Brush
  •  Visioscan Crack Control, Visiochrom Contents Control
  •  Blister gassing PBI Dansensor
  •  HAPA easyflex foil printer


ManufacturerUhlmann, Germany