W 15466 E - Laboratory Knife Mill RETSCH GM 200 'GRINDOMIX'

W 15466 E - Laboratory Knife Mill RETSCH GM 200 'GRINDOMIX'


This laboratory machine is designed to cut, grind and mill products at high-speeds. The grinding process is effected by knife blades running at high speed. the knife blades also have blunt edges on the back of the blades so an impact effect can also be achieved when running the machine in reverse operation. The product bowl has a capacity of 800 ml.

Speed is variable between 2,000 and 10,000 rpm in steps of 500 rpm controlled via a potentiometer.

Process time can be set up to 3 minutes after which the machine automatically switches off and the housing lid opens. There are 3 program memory buttons for storage and retrieval of most common settings. Speed and process time are both digitally displayed on the control panel.


ManufacturerRetsch GmbH, Germany
ModelGM 200