W 15641 E - Friability Tester ERWEKA TA 40

W 15641 E - Friability Tester ERWEKA TA 40


This laboratory unit is designed for testing tablet or coated tablet Friability, rolling and impact durability.

The drive unit is of cast Aluminium construction incorporates a timer for test duration – the Test duration is then pre-set in either time or number of revolutions using the keypad. The rotation speed is fixed at 25 RPM (accuracy ±1 rpm) USP/EP compliant.


The test drums are manufactured of Plexiglass or Perspex and incorporate a curve inside which serves to repeatedly lift and drop the sample tablets giving an impact and tumbling action. The unit is offered complete with 4 test drums.


ManufacturerErweka GmbH, Germany
ModelTA 40