C 15612 E - Comminuting / Hammer Mill FITZMILL D6

No longer available

C 15612 E - Comminuting / Hammer Mill FITZMILL D6


This is a high-speed rotary Comminuting mill with all contact parts constructed from high-grade stainless steel. The milling chamber, drive motor and feed tray are all supported on four tubular steel legs, which are fitted with swivel castors. The support frame is open on one side allowing a suitable collection container to be placed underneath.

The chamber is totally enclosed and is fitted with a semi-circular, perforated screen at the bottom. A high-speed rotary blade assembly runs through the centre of the chamber. The shaft carries four sets of swinging blades, which have knife-edges on one side and blunt edges on the other.

The high-speed rotating shaft is reversible, which converts the machine into a cutting or hammer mill. 


ManufacturerManesty Machines Ltd, England (Syntegon Group)
Stock NumberC 15612 E