S 15501 E - Tablet Deduster ADVANTECH D-1000

S 15501 E - Tablet Deduster ADVANTECH D-1000


This Tablet Deduster ensures gentle dedusting of tablets, capsules and similar products up to a maximum diameter of 20 mm (oblong 25 mm). It is designed to be positioned directly at the outlet of a tablet press or capsule filler to operate continuously.

The Deduster has a throughput of up to 3,000,000 items per hour (for Ø 5 x 2 mm tablets). All parts in contact with the product are manufactured from stainless steel. During dedusting the items travel upwards on the spiral path for a distance of 11 metres.

The unit is arranged for variable vibration amplitude via a potentiometer to achieve optimum product flow.


ManufacturerAdvantech S.R.L, Italy
Stock NumberS 15501 E