C 15469 E - Granulator FREWITT GLA-ORV

No longer available

C 15469 E - Granulator FREWITT GLA-ORV


This small-scale granulator is designed for use in the laboratory for wet or dry granulation, crushing or for small scale production of granular or vermicelli type products. The manufacturer states an output of 25 to 125 kg per hour depending on the product characteristics and screen size fitted into the machine.

All product contact parts are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, the rotor drive is engaged via a clutch lever. The clutch lever has two drive positions; one drives the rotor in an oscillating motion, the second position drives the rotor continuously in a single direction. The machine is arranged for variable speed, variation of the rotor speed is adjusted via a hand-wheel mounted at the side of the machine.


ManufacturerFrewitt, Switzerland
Stock NumberC 15469 E