T 14538 E - Carton Coder ROTECH RF1-F / DOMINO

No longer available

T 14538 E - Carton Coder ROTECH RF1-F / DOMINO


This compact machine is designed to feed and print flat cartons with lines of information i.e., batch numbers and expiry dates and other information such as logos and 2D Datamatrix bar codes.

It is fitted with two Domino thermal ink jet print heads each of which are suitable for printing up to 4 rows of information and/or 2D bar codes or logos at speeds up to 300m/minute (DPI dependent).

The machine is suitable for handling Carton sizes: Min. 60 mm wide x 50 mm long to Max. 400 mm wide x 450 mm long.


ManufacturerRotech Machines Ltd, England
Stock NumberT 14538 E