N 15299 E - Vertical Cartoner CAM AV 65

No longer available

N 15299 E - Vertical Cartoner CAM AV 65


This intermittently operating vertical cartoning machine is designed to erect and close tuck-closure cartons. The machine is useful for packing items which are difficult to handle with automatic feeding systems or if more than one item is required to be packed in each carton.

The machine is fitted with a pre-folded leaflet inserting device and has a capacity of 15 to 70 Closed Cartons per minute.

It can handle Cartons within the following size ranges: -

Length: 20 to 115 mm

Width: 15 to 70 mm

Height: 50 to 190 mm


ManufacturerCAM, Bologna - Italy
ModelAV 65
Stock NumberN 15299 E